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Birthdate:Mar 26
In another canon EFC timeline, Liam Beckett was known as Major Liam Kincaid and was the main character for seasons 2-4.

This is not the canon timeline you're looking for.

In Liam's timeline there are a few minor differences.

Such as:
  • Commander William Boone is alive and well, having made his critical dodge roll during his Mexican Stand Off with Ha'gel. He's still Da'an's protector.
  • Quo'on is still the leader of the Taelon Synod, since he didn't get killed since he didn't have to go down to Earth for Boone's Funeral.
  • Lieutenant Siobahn Beckett is still alive, and working for the resistance as a sleeper agent much like Boone, while continuing to serve the UK Companion. The resistance used Liam to insure her good behavior before handing him over to be with his Mommy. (Not that Liam necessarily knows about all this cloak and dagger stuff mind you. He just knows he has a lot of cool aunts and uncles. Even if Uncle Doors is scary)
  • Liam is still a little kid and not all grown up. Mostly because he didn't feel threatened and get orphaned before he was 24 hours old.
  • La'zahn is the UK Companion. He's very very very old, and a former synod leader. He's also very very eccentric for a Taelon.

There are of course other differences, but those are the main ones. The rest... well... you'll just have to stick around to find out.

Also, Liam's PB is Freddie Highmore, and all icons, unless otherwise noted in the icon credits, were gotten from Hollow Art.
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